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Confirmation at Child of God Lutheran is an in-depth course that is designed to equip youth to be committed lifelong disciples of Jesus. Maturing, strengthening, and broadening the faith that began in Baptism and ends with our entry into Heaven.

Students in 6th – 9th grade are eligible to start Confirmation.

Confirmation equips youth to be committed lifelong disciples of Jesus Christ by:

1. Giving students a strong foundation in the truths of the faith they desire to confess.
2. Helping students to build a personal relationship with their Lord that goes beyond head knowledge.
3. Giving students and their families the opportunity to grow together in faith.
4. Teaching students how to defend their faith; in a loving way; to the world around them.
5. Creating opportunities for students to build relationships with other Christian young men and women.

If you or your child would like to participate in the confirmation class please contact us at 636-970-7080.

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