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Lutheran Church And School
Prayer Request

Our Family and Friends

Prayers are needed for the following:
Grandma Ila, currently struggling with stage 4 cancer
Steve Meadows, friend of Rylie Sullins, in final stages of life
Ulla, Aunt to Stephanie Conkling, brain tumor has grown
Morris Lehmann, Jane Chema’s uncle, health concerns
Gina Savisky’s mother, recovering from a serious fall
Olivia DuValeus, medical concern involving epilepsy
Dru Winscher, receiving care for complications of diabetes
Prayers for School and Church Children

Members who are in the Military or Law Enforcement:

Dan Craig – Army Nation Guard
Andrew Chema – Army Nation Guard
Kyle Flscher – St Louis Country Police
David Weinhold – St Louis Country Police

Are you, or do you have family who are, in the Reserves, Military or Law Enforcement? Please contact the church office, 636-970-7080, so that we can continue to pray for our family members who are serving our country.

If you have a PRAYER REQUEST for yourself, a friend or a loved one, please call the church office 636-970-7080.

Our Friends in Faith