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Outstanding extra curricular opportunities, athletics, family events, and emphasis on Christian service continue to make Child of God Lutheran School an excellent choice not only for members of the church congregation, but also for many families in the community looking for a caring Christian atmosphere.

Extra curricular activities, such as sports, drama, music, dance, and various clubs, are an important part of the educational experience. Studies find that children who participate in these activities are more successful academically than those who don’t. Extra curricular programs are very important at Child of God. We have many different opportunities for our students to be involved in.  Below are a few examples.

–Student Council, 6-8

–Academic Team/Scholar Bowl, 6-8

–Lego Robotics League, K-8

–Strategy Board Games, 5-8

–Chapel Praise Team, 5-8

–Band, 6-8

–String Orchestra, 2-8

–Sound Crew, 6-8

–Spelling/Geography Bee/Math Olympics, K-8

–D.A.R.E., 5th

–Girls STEM, K-4

–Pep Squad, K-8

–Read, Write, Run

–Running Club/Girls on the Run

The chance to excel in the arts or in sports can make a huge difference in a students self-esteem. Many extra curricular activities teach real-world skills, such as robotics, drama or debate, which can lead to lifelong interests, even careers. Teens and preteens who devote themselves to service projects, such as food drives, book drives, or neighborhood improvement projects, learn that they can make a difference and contribute to society. They also learn teamwork and leadership skills that may be even more important in the long run than some of the academic subjects they study.

Child of God Lutheran School supports a wide range of extra curricular activities. We strongly encourage students and parents to participate in one or more of our extra curricular activities or athletics.

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