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Grade Level Standards – Middle School (6-8)
Our departmentalized middle school is designed to provide an academically challenging and developmentally supportive program to prepare 6-8th grade students for high school.  Middle school students parents, and teachers work together to develop students spiritually, academically, emotionally, and physically.  When we work together, we create a strong educational environment that has its root in Christian love.

Middle school students attend 5 core classes taught by master teachers in that field of expertise and 2 additional classes (fine arts, PE, or electives) daily.

Through Bible study, weekly chapel, faith families, and service projects students learn to know God and His forgiving love in Christ and to see themselves as reconciled and redeemed children.

   iReady Mathematics provides differentiated instruction that supports students of all ages on     their individual paths to success.  Backed by cutting-edge research on best mathematics             learning practices, students gain experience through concrete examples and engaging                 lessons.

Students are taught that God created our world and science is a tool we use to learn more about His creation.  Through the study of earth science, biology, and chemistry/physics, students are actively involved in exploring and analyzing and explaining steps in the scientific process.

  Language Arts

    Literature is primarily novel based with exposure to different genres.  The                    purpose is to teach comprehension, character analysis, inferences, author’s              purpose, imagery, tone, etc.  Students hone their writing skills through narrative, expository, persuasive, biographical, descriptive, observation, speechmaking, and research essays and papers.  Students presentations are expected to help students become confident and articulate public speakers.  Spelling, vocabulary, and grammar are woven throughout the Language Arts curriculum.  Teachers K-8 use Wit and Wisdom and Six Traits of Writing across the curriculum to give students a solid ELA foundation.

Social Studies
Middle school students study World Civilizations, Geography and U.S. History.  Our Christian perspective will be woven into the lessons taught.  Students develop inquiry, interpretation, writing and research skills through individual and group projects.

  Additional Courses
    6th-8th graders also take courses in music, PE/health, art, and electives.  All students            have individual Chrome books and a Google account for classroom use.

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