K-5 Academics | Child of God Church and School

Grade Level Standards: Kindergarten – 5th Grade
Early elementary students (K-2) thrive by experiencing the world around them.  These experiences provide the foundation upon which skills are built.  God made each child special, with his/her own time schedule for development.  It is our goal to make the classroom a safe, enriching, interesting, and joy-filled place of spiritual, cognitive, social, emotional, and physical growth.  As students progress in elementary school (3-5), they expand their depth of learning and begin to make the switch to more independent studies.

Through the One in Christ curriculum, children are provided opportunities to foster their relationship with God, with each other, with themselves, and with creation.  Using Bible stories and activities, we integrate our Christian faith into all aspects of our curriculum and day.


iReady Mathematics provides differentiated instruction that supports students on their individual paths to success.  Backed by cutting-edge research on best mathematics learning practices, students gain experience through concrete examples and engaging lessons.

Language Arts
Introduction to reading, writing, phonics, fluency, comprehension, grammar, handwriting/cursive and spelling is done through a rigorous cross-curricular ELA program.  Through a variety of content rich and complex text, students will build their knowledge of important topics as they master literary skills.  Fundations, Wit and                                                                    Wisdom, Heggerty Phonics, and 6 Traits of Writing all support ELA.

Children are taught God created our world and science is the means we use to learn more about His creation.  MySci involves exploration, analyzing, and understanding our world.  Discussing, recording, and explaining steps in the scientific process helps students further develop their scientific and communication skills.

Social Studies
Inquiry Journeys engages students and supports teachers in inquiry-based social studies.  Building knowledge in History, Civics, Geography, and Economics through engaging investigations.

Character Formation Project is a faith based social/emotional curriculum developed to support the emotional safety and well-being of children.

Spanish K-5
Students are provided the opportunity to learn another language in a way that is fun and educational.

Students glorify God through creative works and song.  Art works are often cross-curricular inspired by other classroom learning such as books read.  In music, students will learn to read music and explore different instruments and styles.  

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