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Our early childhood programs are an extension of Child of God Lutheran School. Therefore every standard of quality education that parents have trusted COGLS to provide for their children since our founding in 2000 will be an integral part of our preschool. Child of God Lutheran School is fully accredited by both the Missouri Non-Public School Accreditation and the National Lutheran School Accreditation.

Throughout the year, each early childhood program will address the curriculum goals and objectives that have been outlined in the Missouri Early Learning Standards at Child of God Lutheran School. These goals represent age-appropriate skills for children in the areas of spiritual, intellectual, fine and gross motor, social and emotional development. These goals will be addressed through a variety of teacher-directed activities as well as many opportunities for your child to explore classroom activities on their own and with friends. 

We see each child as a unique learner and apply several play-based curriculum’s to help us find exactly what each child needs to be successful in the classroom.  Literacy: Heggerty Phonemic Awareness, Conscious Discipline: Social-Emotional, ELA, Fundations, Mat Man, Religion: Bible Curriculum.

Through our early childhood curriculum students will learn about:


  • Grow in faith by daily use of God’s Word
  • Know that Jesus forgives and loves him/her
  • Express their joy in worship and prayer
  • Witness openly telling others about Jesus and His love
  • Understand that God gave us families and other people to love, care and help each other


  • Use number concepts, operations and algebraic thinking
  • Compare, classify and measure, objects and data
  • Demonstrate knowledge of patterns and geometry


  • Explore elements of physical science
  • Identify common themes in earth sciences
  • Demonstrate knowledge of life sciences
  • Use senses to explore, make observations and communicate findings

Literacy – Heggerty Phonemic Awareness Curriculum, Fundations, Mat Man

  • Demonstrate understanding of print concepts
  • Demonstrate phonological awareness
  • Demonstrate emergent writings skills
  • Actively engage in individual and group reading activities


  • Comprehends increasingly complex language
  • Uses language to present and express thoughts and needs
  • Develops appropriate norms for discussion and other communication skills

Social Studies

  • Identify traits and models of good citizenship
  • Demonstrate basic knowledge of geography
  • Demonstrate an understanding of history concepts (past, present and future and time increments)
  • Explains meaning of common holidays

Social/Emotional – Faith Formation, Conscious Discipline

  • Develop self awareness
  • Regulates own emotions and behaviors
  • Establishes and sustains positive relationships
  • Develop age appropriate communication skills
  • Develop self expression skills

Physical Education

  • Demonstrate gross-motor manipulative skills
  • Demonstrate fine motor strength and coordination
  • Understand directionality
  • Understand and respect personal space
  • Identify healthy foods and practices
  • Develop endurance in individual and group physical activities

Fine Arts

  • Represent objects, people, and events in works of art
  • Name and explore various types of art tools
  • Follow age appropriate instruction to complete projects
  • Use singing and movement to demonstrate awareness of tempo, rhythm, and pitch
  • Sing age appropriate songs from memory
  • Identify and differentiate between real and imaginary characters
  • Create and act out new or assigned roles
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Preschool Family Night

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