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What People Say:

Advanced classes provided at COGLS gave me the challenges I needed to excel.  Having the opportunity to have STEM education in science and accelerated math has advanced my knowledge in the robotics field.

~Paige, B., Class of 2018

I truly value the individual approach Child of God takes with each student. The support from teachers goes beyond text books and I know my girls are building a solid foundation thanks to Child of God.

~The Jones Family


 The most important thing COGLS has given me is a closer relationship to God and being a Christian.  Because of this school, I learned more about Him, His teachings, and got closer to Him as a whole.  God has now become the most important person in my life and will lead me into my future.

~Nicholas R., Class of 2020

Child of God provides a safe, challenging and Christian environment for our son to learn and grow. His passion for learning and improving continues to increase as he is challenged mentally and spiritually. We believe that the classroom sizes are appropriate for both the students and teachers. The values of Child of God are consistent with our family values and the Christ based learning has helped grow the character of our son. He continues to grow in confidence and faith. We love building relationships with similar minded parents and feel a great sense of community. We are grateful for the staff and families at Child of God that make up our village as we believe, it takes a village to raise a child.

~The Chimanda Family

As I look back at my time at COG, I enjoyed the many clubs the school had to offer and the positive daily encouragement I received from the teachers.  I grew spiritually because of the teachings at COG. I’m a proud alumni. Bryce B. Class of 2020, the year of the mask.

~ Bryce B., Class of 2020

Child of God has been the biggest help with my faith.  I learned about how my future vocation, no matter what is was could glorify God.

~Riley W., Class of 2018

When we first moved to the area from out of state I was searching for a Christian school where not only academics are important but also a strong Christ-centered learning environment. We found out about Child of God from our realtor and we started our oldest in preschool. We loved the teachers and the small class sizes. The preschool and Kindergarten teachers were so loving and nurturing. The other parents were friendly and we really liked the family atmosphere. Having loving and Christian teachers is so important and I especially appreciate how all their classroom management and discipline is through this lens.

As our boys grew and the years went by at COG, I also could see how the academic curriculum was challenging and purposeful. I have no doubt that when they enter high school that they will be sufficiently prepared for the challenges those years bring. I feel like a great foundation has been laid at COG and I am so    thankful we found this school. Personally, not only have my children made life long friends here, but I also have met some wonderful friends who are parents and teachers.

~The Calleros Family

Attending a school like Child of God, which puts it’s students first in a Christ-centered way, has definitely prepared me for my future endeavors.  The supportive teachers have guided me to who I am today, and have allowed me to embrace a rough idea of who I want to be in the future.

~Matt Z., Class of 2019

Our children enrolled at Child of God in 2014. In all honesty and sincerity, we could not be happier with this school. We have moved around the country and our children have attended many schools. COGLS is by far the best. The teachers and staff truly care for them. We can see it not only in the school, but in the change we’ve seen in the boys. They enjoy going to school and are learning far more than we did at their ages. What makes COGLS special and unique is the genuine concern and dedication to the school community. The staff works as a team–with each other, with the students, and with the parents. They know the students’ names, the families names’, they cater to the students’ individual needs and learning styles, and they pray for them daily. The staff wants the students to succeed and does whatever they need to help that happen. It’s more than a grade, it’s that they learned something or found an interest in a subject they never thought they would. That is success! It’s exciting to see God’s hand working in the boys’ lives and we look forward to watching them continue to grow academically, spiritually, and socially in the years to come.

~ The Richter Family

To me, Child of God isn’t just a school, it is home.  This is where I spent most of my life so far.  I see my teachers more than I see my parents.  Just having to say goodbye will hurt.  Child of God has touched me in a way that nothing else has and I will never forget my memories made at school.  I thank COGLS teachers for everything they have done for me and I won’t forget them.

~Isaiah S., Class of 2019

In one word faith. We love that our children can grow their faith in a more public way. The school feels like a giant  family. All the kids know each other from preschooler to middle schoolers which is amazing to see.  We do push ourselves financially. For us what our children receive in return is far greater than the price we are paying. Smaller class sizes, open faith, worship, and a family atmosphere (not to mention the amazing teachers and staff) are well worth it. We couldn’t ask for a better place for our children.

~The Smith Family

Child of God provided me with a personal faith that I couldn’t of had from any other school or church. Everyday, we came together and worked and learned in an encouraging setting. Throughout my career at COGLS, I have had numerous teachers. They all taught me different things and helped guide me through a different stage of my walk with Christ.

~ Abigail P., Class of 2017

We love Child of God for many reasons.  Quality academics and a Christian centered environment has always been first on our family’s priority list. The teachers and staff are supportive and fully engaged in overseeing that every child excels. We feel completely confident that our children are safe and well taken care of every day when we drop them off at school. If you are looking for a school that upholds traditional values and academics, then look no further.  Child of God Lutheran School is the place your family belongs. 

~The Koehnemann Family

I had many great experiences at Child of God. I was fortunate enough to be able to go to COGLS for over four years, and enjoyed every moment of it. I greatly appreciated all the staff, and teachers who helped me find the person I am today. Child of God has meant so much to me, not only as a school, but as a community, and as a family.

~ Grace C., Class of 2017

When I Think of COG school and church, the first thought that comes to mind is “Thank you Lord.”  Thank you for allowing my grandkids and great-grand children to be in the company of great teachers, staff and an awesome principal. They make up the “village” and we as parents and grandparents need the village to help teach, raise, and love on the children.  May God continue to bless this church and school.

~The Welch Family

What made our decision to send our children to Child of God was the community. On our school tour, the bell rang, children filled the hall and the principal knew every child by name. Children were greeted with high-5s from the principal and you could tell it made them feel special. There was order to the chaotic rush and there were smiles on faces everywhere we looked. The children, the teachers, and office staff were authentic and happy to be there. As we continued our tour, we met teachers in the middle of their teaching day willing to talk to us about their experience. They were proud to a part of Child of God and their pride radiated as they explained the curriculum. Every question we had was answered in a Christ focused and child focused way. With the smaller class sizes, our children have received an amazing education. We have also gotten to know the parents of our children’s classmates. This community knows we are raising our children together, with the help of God and each other. When a child is struggling, there is patience, communication, prayer, and help available at the school as well as within the parental community. Getting the best education in a strong positive Christ focused community has been a great way to get our children excited about doing their best academically, socially, and most importantly, while loving Jesus. This foundation will be taken with them into high school and their adult life. Child of God was the right choice for our family and we look forward to many more years to come.

~The Pallardy Family

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