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Thank you for taking the opportunity to visit Child of God Lutheran School. It is a privilege to share our ministry with your family. At Child of God, we work in partnership with our families to develop Christ-like character and academic excellence in our students that transforms lives and shape communities.  We consider our classrooms an extension of the Christian home. Our teachers and staff build deep relationships with students and families based on the unconditional love Christ first showed us.  With your partnership our goal is send graduates on who will be confident, devout Christian leaders with firm moral and spiritual values.   Students at Child of God focus on four of the Fruits of the Spirit: Kindness (Ephesians 4:32), Faithfulness (Proverbs 3:3), Love (1 John 3:18) and Self-control (Philippians 4:8). These attributes are embedded into the fabric of their entire day, guiding each child to a closer relationship with Christ and training them to become productive members of society, functioning fully through their God-given gifts.  Through our strong nationally accredited academic program, students do not simply matriculate through the educational process. Rather, Child of God serves as a bridge to help students engage in community outreach, reaffirming each student’s role as a future leader as they progress on to high school, college and beyond.  We look forward to getting to know your family as your child becomes a precious member of our Child of God school community! 

Dr. Melissa Sandfort

Principal, Child of God Lutheran School

Our Friends in Faith